MUZZLE About Scott Blackmore

"Introduction or re-introduction from both your and my perspective!

MUZZLE has existed for three years already beginning as an inline skating focused brand and I’m proud of every step forward I’ve made. As my intrigue for everything in life has broadened so has my desire to showcase a broader range of purposeful products that bring me joy.

I'm now nearly two decades deep in the textiles industry and each year I learn more and more about various processes and practices which help steer the brands direction both ethically and creatively. Low impact and purposeful products are always the main goal and a strong desire to re-use, re-purpose and minimise waste is at the forefront of every decision.

Finding ways to bring life back to what others consider waste is a challenge I thrive off and although there are lots of nice new things to bring to the cutting table the thrill of hunting down something that already has lived a life and told a story really gives me a kick. I get so much inspiration from such tiny details and to try and pass that on and continue the story is a real privilege.

Going forward the goal is to promote a process oriented active lifestyle where empowering and inspiring others sits at the forefront of all promotional material and events. Competition is fine but there are a lot of avenues available to compete in life already, our way will be mindful and inclusive. We will run international events through Strava where anyone of any ability in any location can be involved as well as supporting local events and organising some meet up’s of our own." 

- Sam Currie, Founder.