MUZZ Mix 001 - Kayleigh Wood

The first of a series of mixes we'll be bringing you is by Kayleigh Wood.

Kayleigh has inspired the introduction of regular mixes from friends and affiliates of ours...listen now

Inspo #01
Every idea starts somewhere, some people feel the need to keep this treasure trove of inspiration under lock and key and others decide to share their entire process.

We want to be part of the latter, process is as enjoyable to us as execution and seeing where ideas have developed from fills us with child like joy and enthusiasm to create more.

In honour of this here’s our first inspo board…read more
"Oh I Believed"

Connor Pearce and Fabian Gaile bounce off each other in a way that's hard not to be inspired by, it's a pleasure to witness.

I've been lucky enough to work with a few duo's like this and it's hard to put a finger on what makes it work but it just does, there's an energy you feel through the lens that cannot be manufactured...watch video