MUZZ Mix 001 - Kayleigh Wood

MUZZ Mix 001 - Kayleigh Wood

Music is a huge passion of Kayleigh's, she taught herself to read music and play piano at the age of 10 and by the age of 12 had already started to learn to DJ. A few years later she was playing clubs around the U.K at the not so legal age of 15!

She went on to study Dj-ing and Contemporary Music Production at the University of Surrey in 2004. After years on the DJ circuit and a lot of travelling, late nights and early mornings she decided to slow things down and focus more on design which is another big part of her life.

Today music is still at the forefront of Kayleigh's interests but Dj-ing is much more of a hobby, you will still catch her playing the odd launch and brand event throughout the year though!

01. To Freedom (Interlude) (Original Mix) - Nightmares On Wax, Beautiful People
02. The Salt on Her Cheeks (Version) - Yagya
03. Deep Sea Experiment Intro (Pressure Mix) - Alexander Metzger
04. Headbirds - Mandámenes
05. Mila (Audiojack Remix) - Rony Seikaly
06. Pond House - Saint Etienne
07. Besides (Original Mix) - Blagoj Rambabov
08. All Good (Original Mix) - Paleman
09. Xing Tian (Original Mix) - Daphni
10. Before Life (Original Mix) - Indian Wells

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